Musiktipp der Woche 23/2013


  • Titel: I Want You
  • Interpret: Tamara Laurel
  • Album: I Want You – Single
  • Genre: Folk / Pop
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Erschienen: 3. Mai 2013
  • Dauer: 3:26 min
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Lyrics / Songtext

I’ve had too much wine
For a Thursday night
It’s only 6 o’clock
Too early to be kissing outside

It’s hard to fight it though
When your eyes are that blue
And I don’t care if all of New England knows
That I want you
Cause I do

Bit of a breeze
But it’s the brightest April day
Southbound Tracks
We’re pulling away

I bet they’d all agree
I’m sitting way too close to you
But I don’t care if these strangers see
That I want you
Cause I do, oh, I do

I want it to stay this dark
Don’t want you to see my eyes
They’re trembling and barely open
Trying to keep the tears inside
Oh I want you, oh I do
I want you for me
But your flight back to Chicago leaves in the morning

Chandelier moon
Dead of night
Thinkin if we don’t sleep
We can elude goodbye

Before the magic disappears
I want to leave you with proof
And I don’t care if the whole world will hear
That I want you
Cause I do, oh, I do
Oh I do

I don’t wanna lose you darlin
I don’t wanna let you go
I don’t wanna say goodbye
I want you, you know

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One Response to Musiktipp der Woche 23/2013

  1. Didi says:

    Schöne Stimme, toller Titel. Leider der einzige des „Albums“ 🙁


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